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Frequently Asked Questions

Prodflow is a tool designed to optimize the production workflow for media production services companies. Prodflow’s main goal is to allow every stakeholder involved in a production project to access seamlessly and instantly information that is relevant for that specific role. Prodflow comprises an online back office for seamless project content management and a mobile app for accessing and visualizing project information.

If you want to set up prodflow for your company, start by registering at prodflow’s online back office at After registering you’ll need to create your company. If you want additional people to manage your company’s account and projects make sure to add them as administrators for your company. From that moment on assigned administrators will be able to create projects and folders, manage documentation (upload/ download) and user permissions and also schedule and invite users to future events. Once you have your company set up download and install the prodflow app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and sign up. This account will be for app access only and it’s independent from your back office account. This is necessary as regular users will only have access to projects and won’t have access to your company’s back office.
If you are joining an ongoing project by a company already using prodflow, simply download our mobile app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and sign up for an account upon launching the app for the first time. After signing up you need to join your company’s profile. To this by simply tapping the “Join Company” button within the app and input your unique company code. Once you successfully join a company tap the “Join Project” button to join the desired project. Be sure to ask your company’s administrator for these codes.
After creating a company, the administrator will be able to manage that company and therefore manage production’s projects, meaning he or she will be able to upload, download and delete files for each of the created folders. Project team members will be able to access shared information through prodflow’s mobile app.
Access to project folders is granted according to the different job roles created for that company and permissions set for these job roles. When joining a company through prodflow’s mobile app people are prompted to assign a job role to their profile (i.e. director, production assistant, client, agency, etc.) and will have access only to information made available for that specific role.
After registering at prodflow’s back office and successfully creating a company you will need to provide us with your company’s logo, background images and color pattern so that we can create your custom prodflow’s theme. Your custom theme will become available on the prodflow app up to 7 business days after submission and available for your company’s use only. Please send your company’s images to
Yes! Simply sign up at prodflow’s back office and create your company and you will automatically enroll for a trial period of 30 days and one project. Download the app and get your team members to join the project using your company’s redeem code.
We want to ensure that we help make the world a better place to live in for both present and future generations. With prodflow you will be able to digitize your production process entirely, therefore reducing paper needs for your company, generating relevant savings and helping our planet.
Prodflow offers three different price plans for production houses with distinct needs. You can check our prices by clicking the “pricing” button on the top of this page. Cancel any time. If you have any custom additional needs for prodflow, be sure to contact us at to get a quote.

App & Back Office Tutorials

We believe prodflow is a very intuitive tool as it was and still is being developed according to the industry’s best user experience guidelines. However, please find below comprehensive tutorial videos for both prodflow’s mobile app and its online back office.

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